Four Creative Nigerian Meals You Can Make With KR Foods Palm Oil

November 18, 2020

Palm Oil is important in Nigeria as it is used in the preparation and production of more than half of our food. According to pwc, quoting a World Bank report, the country consumes approximately 3Million MT of fats and oil as of 2018 – making it the largest on the continent. Palm oil contributes roughly 44.7% (1.34 Million MT).

In todays’ blog post,weI will be sharing with you some creative and tasty Nigerian meals you can prepare with Palm oil.

Here are a list of them:

Native Palm oil Jollof (concoction rice)

To most Nigerians, this dish is always a reminder of some sort of memories. Memories of School, singlehood or even special occasions with family.

It’s unique taste is very different from the usual.

Four major ingredients for this dish are

– KR Foods Palm Oil

– Dry fish

– Crayfish, and

– Egg.

You might wonder, why eggs?. Eggs would not only add a unique taste, but it would provide the necessary protein for the meal. If you grew up or lived in Nigeria, you are more likely to have tasted the popular concoction dish, is a popular Nigerian dish that combines the ingredients listed above to provide a lovely dish filled with memories.

Visit the distribution section to get one of the essential ingredients to make this delicious meal at home.

Porridge Bean

Some people may have one reason or the other why they do not enjoy eating beans. Yet, it is advisable to to have beans on the family’s food menu especially when you have young children in the family.

This meal is easy to make. It’s as simple as getting all the ingredients ready, putting it on fire and food is ready to be served.

The basic ingredients are Beans, KR Foods Palm Oil, Salt, Crayfish,  Onion, Fresh Pepper and Ripe plantain (optional)

Ofe Onugbu

Ofe onugbu is a native soup popular amongst the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria

It’s made with a combination of; 

– Bitter leaf

– cocoyam paste

– palm oil

– dried fish

– beef and tripe

– crayfish, and

– a traditional seasoning called ogiri igbo.

It’s advised that the soup shouldn’t be too thick, so adding more water when it thickens is the best option. It also shouldn’t be bitter, so the bitter leaf should be well washed and squeezed before cooking.


Edikaikong is a Nigerian soup that is especially beloved because it is a valuable source of nutrition and vitamins. It is prepared with a combination of the following ingredients: 


Stock fish

palm oil

ugwu leaves


Periwinkles (optional)

Ofor, and


The name edikaikong means vegetable soup, and it is often served with eba, pounded yam, fufu, or wheat.

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