November 18, 2020

Palm Oil is a highly essential commodity and an important food ingredient in most NIgerian (and African) homes. However, research shows most Palm Oil purchased from the open market is adulterated containing toxic and carcinogenic substances dangerous to health. 

While it may be difficult to differentiate pure, unadulterated Palm Oil from fake, it’s not completely impossible. This post shows you how to identify adulterated Palm Oil.

The following steps will help you to Identify adulterated Palm Oil:

  1. Taste: If you grew up in an African village where roasting and eating palm seedling is common, you would most likely be able to differentiate fake Palm Oil from its taste. It’s not easy to describe the taste in writing hence this may not be a great method for most people. 
  2. Color: Color can be a great way to differentiate quality Palm Oil but you can easily get deceived because of the popular use of Sudan-4 colourant. Again, most Oil from the North is pure red while those down South are reddish-black color However, quality Oil would typically have two colors when bottled – a reddish-black top and reddish-yellow bottom. The reddish-yellow comes from the fiber and Carroten elements which gives Palm Oil some of its acclaimed properties.
  1. Smell: Like taste, this requires some experience but a foul or dull smell is a  major indication of a bad Oil.
  2. Buy Trusted Brands: As you can already guess, detecting fake Palm Oil is difficult and requires prior experience. One sure way of ensuring you are safe is to buy trusted brand Palm Oil – like KR Foods Palm Oil. Our tamper-proof seal ensures that your safety is guaranteed from our mill to your cooking pot.

Check For NAFDAC Registration:  National Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) puts in stringent conditions to ensure that only serious manufacturers of Food items are approved. You should insist on buying only NAFDAC registered Brands like KR Foods.

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