Popular Nigerian Soups That You Can Make With Palm Oil

November 18, 2020

Nigerian soups are rated the best soups in Africa in 2020 by Tasteatlas ( Palm Oil is a major ingredient in Nigerian soups. Palm Oil contains minerals and vitamins which helps  in reducing oxidative stress, boosts brain health, increases vitamin A, and generally improves skin and healthy hair.

The following soups are among the most popular everyday soup an average Nigeria consumes daily


Afang is an indegenious soup common to the Efik people of southern Nigeria.

It’s made with a combination of Afang leaves, Water leaves, Dried Fish (or Beef), Onions, Palm Oil, Crayfish and Seasoning.

The cooking process is simple;

1) beef is boiled with the onions in a small quantity of water

2) the afang leaves are ground or pounded and the onions are chopped.

3) the dried fish is added with the palm oil, ground pepper, afang leaves, and water leaves.

4) Once the leaves become tender and the liquids boil a bit, the soup is seethe for a short while, then it’s ready to be served. 

Egusi Soup

Egusi soup is arguably the favourite  most of Nigerians and it’s popular across West Africa. Egusi Soup is a soup that gets thickened by melon seeds(ground) which gives this soup a unique color and flavor.

With fresh vegetables, healthy protein  onion, melon seeds, palm oil, crayfish etc, the soup is ready to serve.

Oha Soup

Oha soup isn’t exactly an everyday kind of soup because it’s main ingredient, Oha leaves, is seasonal. Oha Soup is a delicious soup and very easy to prepare buy tiktok followers. It’s one of those meals that no matter how it is cooked, it would still come out delicious.

It’s called Ofe Oha by the Igbos. Traditionally, the Oha leaves are shredded by hands rather than a knife. Cocoyam, Achi or Ofor are mostly used as thickners – interchangeably. 

Ingredients can include  Oha leaves, Uziza leaves, Salt, Preferred protein choice (eg fish, beef), Periwinkle (Optional), Crayfish, Palm Oil, Onions, Cocoyam or Achi (Thickener)

Yam Soup

Yam Soup, popularly known as yam porridge is simply yam cooked with ingredients such as KR Foods Palm Oil, Fresh Vegetables, Crayfish, Smoked fish, onion, pepper etc, leaving the resulting dish to contain some soupy liquid.

Usually it’s not cooked with added vegetables but it is nice to always add a little to add some green colour to the meal.

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